Welcome to City Church Eugene

Member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

We believe the gospel teaches us to...

love god

We are not Christians because of our goodness, 

or even our capacity for arriving at correct beliefs. 

We are Christians because we are a mess, and God is gracious. 

- Jared Ayers

Our full humanity is contingent on our hospitality: we can

be complete only when we are giving something away.

- Alice Waters

To know is to care; 

and if we don’t care, we don’t know. 

To know is to love; 

and if we don’t love, then we don’t know...

In our homes, on our streets, in our schools, 

in our businesses, this has consequences. 

Simply said, there are implications because, 

for love’s sake, we are implicated.

- Steven Garber



MEETING ADDRESS: 2111 Minnesota St. Eugene, OR 97402

OFFICE/MAILING ADDRESS: 4325 Commerce St Ste 111-454, Eugene, OR 97402

EMAIL: info@citychurcheugene.org

PHONE 541.246.3556- leave a message

"Why The Rooster?" - Throughout history the church has included the rooster in its architecture and art as a symbol of proclaimed grace and hope. We have taken it up as a reminder of Peter’s denial of and subsequent gracious restoration by Jesus. We believe that all who follow Jesus, like Peter, are witnesses in spite of our own personal failings, because Jesus loves and is merciful to us. The rooster has also been used as a symbol of hope in the darkness--a herald of the dawn. We believe that the resurrection of Jesus secures hope that, though there is darkness all around and inside us, dawn is coming. We, like the rooster, but more importantly like failing-restored Peter, are hopeful heralds of the dawning healing of all our aches and sorrows in Jesus.