Welcome to City Church Eugene

Covid-19 UPDATe (06/07)

The City Church leadership has, from the beginning, sought to set our policy according to our local guidelines. That is still the case. To that end, we continue to meet in person while also streaming our service for the sake of the more vulnerable among us who still are unable to meet in person. 

Guidlines also now allow for those who've received full vaccination to go without masks. We do this with every intention to honor and respect all who attend. We make no judgments on those who continue to wear a mask for whatever reason, and we ask that all who join us maintain respect and love for each other as we continue to navigate and extremely difficulty situation.

We also invite all who are now able to restart the habit of gathering together in person for worship. We need each other, which includes each other's presence. May God bless City Church as we continue to trust him for the journey ahead.

Livestream Instructions

Liturgy for 07/04

You can also watch here or on our YouTube Chanel.

We believe the gospel teaches us to...

love God

We are not Christians because of our goodness, 

or even our capacity for arriving at correct beliefs. 

We are Christians because we are a mess, and God is gracious. 

- Jared Ayers

Our full humanity is contingent on our hospitality: we can

be complete only when we are giving something away.

- Alice Waters

To know is to care; 

and if we don’t care, we don’t know. 

To know is to love; 

and if we don’t love, then we don’t know...

In our homes, on our streets, in our schools, 

in our businesses, this has consequences. 

Simply said, there are implications because, 

for love’s sake, we are implicated.

- Steven Garber



MEETING ADDRESS: Hi Fi Music Hall, 44 E 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

OFFICE/MAILING ADDRESS: 207 E 5th Ave. #238, Eugene, OR 97401                                                                                                                                                                       

PHONE: 541-743-2827

EMAIL: office@citychurcheugene.org

OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am-noon

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"Why Sessions?" - We purposefully chose Sessions for a couple of reasons. We share their desire to create a space for our community to come together in celebration of art, music, and life. As we seek to love God, people, and Eugene, we believe it is vital to build relationships within our shared community, in its very heart, for the benefit of our city. We wanted to be not simply to a place downtown, but to a "downtown place." 

Won't you join us?