Pastor search

City Church Eugene is currently in the process of finding a new Pastor.

Who We are looking for

  • City Church Eugene (CCE) is searching for a Senior/Solo pastor, preferably with a divinity degree from a reformed theological seminary, in alignment with PCA theology and polity. 
  • We would like to fill this role with a minister gifted in preaching the Word of God and bringing the Gospel to bear on the lives of our congregants.
  • He will have oversight of Sunday worship and ensure the proper administration of the sacraments. 
  • He will be an experienced and motivated gatherer, communicator, and leader – one who can take on the role of leading a revitalization project with all its complexities in a post-Christian Pacific Northwest community. This will include working with the Session to establish a vision and priorities for the congregation. 
  • He will take on appropriate administrative responsibilities including delegating tasks, sharing leadership, and ensuring the entire congregation receives proper communication in a timely manner.  
  • He will moderate and lead the Session in the management and stewardship of God's resources. 
  • He will help organize educational opportunities for adults and a rambunctious flock of children, including a pre-service educational hour. 
  • CCE would thrive under the leadership of a pastor who embraces the responsibility of loving and leading his congregation, and a teacher who will equip them with solid Biblical knowledge so they can do likewise in the local community. We desire a pastor who knows his sheep by name and dietary restrictions – joking aside, we do want a pastor who is drawn to meeting with members individually and in small groups, providing places to share doubts, fears, hopes and struggles, leading members to maturity and facilitating a rich prayer life. 

  • Fundraising ability would be a bonus; temporarily the pastor package will be dictated by the size of our congregation. We do not restrict, and would encourage a candidate to seek additional outside funding. 

Who we are

CCE believes that through the preaching of the Gospel the Spirit saves the lost, shapes believers to live like Jesus and transforms them into a community equipped to love God and neighbor.


In the last two years, CCE experienced the loss of its senior pastor due to complex personal circumstances. We weathered COVID and moved out of the city center to rent space in a small neighborhood church. This new location fits our basic needs and has a kitchen and a place to gather. It does not provide an office or space for administrative staff. CCE does still have a core group of congregants with close relationships and shared core values to build upon. We are looking for pastoral leadership in a revitalization project.


We believe in accessible, Christ-centered preaching and teaching. Our Sunday service includes a Children's lesson and a bit of kid-chaos. Although the PCA does not authorize women to be ordained as Deacons, we find their contributions necessary and significant in the worship service, leading small groups and other activities. We presently have several small group ministries and would like to see the pastor support them and encourage the formation of additional ones. 


Culturally, the Pacific Northwest presents some distinct challenges for a pastor. Eugene is the third largest City in Oregon, hosting multiple colleges, including the University of Oregon. It is a post-Christian community, with a wide variety of worldviews, lifestyles and political positions. Our pastor will need a clear, uncompromised understanding of Biblical standards with regard to cultural issues. He will need to remain thoughtful and compassionate when engaging community members, resting in the confidence God's Word will reach folks without dilution or overexpansion and allowing God's Word to correct us rather than correcting God's Word to fit culture.

how to apply

Please send your resume, MDF*, references and a brief statement addressing the following question to Review of applications will begin January 18 and continue until the position is filled.


Question:  City Church Eugene is a small congregation of believers that is seeking revitalization. Can you tell us why you have chosen to apply for the role of Senior Pastor of this Church?  In particular, why is a small congregation attractive to you?

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