Pastor search

City Church Eugene is currently in the process of finding a new Pastor.

mission statement

City Church Eugene believes, through the preaching of the Gospel, the Spirit saves the lost and shapes believers to live like Jesus, transforming them into a community equipped to love God and neighbor.

Job description

City Church Eugene (CCE) is a revitalization work in Eugene, Oregon looking for a new Senior (Solo) Pastor. We would like to fill this role with an experienced minister who can take on the task of bringing our church back to health. CCE needs a pastor gifted in preaching the Word of God in the context of a post-Christian community in the Pacific Northwest. CCE also needs a pastor who is committed to meeting with members individually and in small groups, allowing for them to voice doubts, fears, and hopes, as well as leading members to maturity. In the past the members of CCE have had deep and rich relationships with one another. However, over the past few years this has been lost.  CCE desires a pastor who can bring us back to a place of strong fellowship and community.  During this same time, CCE lost its educational hour which we would like to revive.  The new pastor would need to take on an active teaching role or oversee lay teachers, as well as provide instruction for church officers; and confirm new members. Our new pastor would also take on appropriate administrative responsibilities, delegating tasks to leaders and volunteers as appropriate, and ensuring communication to the entire congregation is done in a timely manner.

how to apply

We’re glad you’re interested in applying for this position, please forward Resume and References to