we love to sing!

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First and foremost, our desire is to facilitate worship through congregational singing. We seek to lead with both humility and excellence.

Our goal is to create an environment of musical creativity, collaboration, and fun.

If you play, sing, or work sound, and you're interested in using that gift to serve the worship then contact Wesley Fox.

Or, just come and raise your voice with us.

a bit about how we think about worship and singing...


"Liturgy" is a word that often rouses the notion of stale, boring, meaningless ritual, when in fact it simply means "public act of service." We like to think of worship as a dialogue and drama - God speaks; we respond - all in the context of retelling the story of God's love for broken humanity. Liturgy is our attempt to publicly act out the story.

resources we use

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  • Cardiphonia

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