City Church Eugene

The church is the only society on earth that exists for those who are not its members

-William Temple

Our Sunday evening gathering is a time to meet some new folks and consider whether Jesus has anything really to do with our lives in Eugene.

We certainly believe he does, but we also acknowledge that what exactly is quite often obscured by the words and actions of his followers.

We hope this will be a time where we reimagine our stories and the world's through the story of Jesus. Join us for an adventure of faith.

What is Salvation For?

The answer given by Christians is often individualistic and very narrowly construed. Could it be bigger than we could ever imagine?

7-part series beginning October 11.

November 8th

November 01

Hospitality for the Life of the World

October 25th

Our Work Matter to the Life of the World.

October 18

October 11

October 4th

Grace is often understood tritely and yet what Jesus taught scandalized people of his day and continues to do so. It's so scandalous it's beautiful!

September 27

We want to live with humility, understanding how Eugene saves our church.